Inspiration through Sports

Having walked through the Philadelphia Eagles locker rooms the very season they won the Super Bowl was incredible! We had seen where the world’s best practice, strategise and fill themselves with the belief, that they are the world's best. For all budding athletes, seeing the stadiums, games and inside workings of their hero’s homes is truly the biggest inspiration. Not just to say you’ve seen it or to imagine your name on the locker, but to have something tangible to aim for.

Inspiration through Travel

Travelling has always opened up more opportunities and inspired us. It fills us with a desire to see more and continue exploring this amazing world. Some call this, the "travel bug". We help you by showing you "how to". For example, we take you on the subway through New York, we get you from the Dallas Airport to downtown or from Hollywood to Staples Centre using public transport. We aim to build your confidence to go out alone in the hope you will continue exploring and encourage others to do the same.

Education through Sports

Sport doesn't just teach you facts, figures, dates and events. It teaches you more about sportsmanship, character, fair play and what it takes to be the best. There is an enormous amount of sports history and pride in the USA. The best examples of this can be seen at the home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park and the home of the L.A Dodgers, Dodger Stadium. Our tours take you behind the scenes and you can absorb all the knowledge and history you can handle.

Education through Travel

Our tours are sports themed, however we do allocate a lot of time to exploring the iconic cities you are visiting. When you're on our tours you will be having so much fun, you won't even realise you're learning until you get home and start telling people about everything you have seen and done. Our favourite city to sneak some knowledge into you is Washington D.C. Once you've stood inside the Lincoln Memorial, walked through the many Smithsonians, seen the Whitehouse, segwayed out the front of Capitol Hill and explored the Pentagon, some knowledge is bound to stick!