Escorted Sports Tours have some very important beliefs:

We believe everyone wants to be part of a team.

We have built our tours around the "team" concept whereby our clients are the Players and our tour guide is the Coach. Our Coaches will create a very inclusive and empowering environment while directing the players to achieve the best possible outcome. The outcome we aim to achieve is a once in a lifetime experience for each Player while delivering a quality tour that presents value for money and wonderful memories that will last forever.

We believe travel is a highly educational experience.

While our tours are sports and team oriented, you will also have the opportunity to visit some locations with educational value. Tours include Smithsonian’s, National Parks, Historical landmarks and even go behind the scenes at ball parks and stadiums where you will learn the history of the country, the cities and even the sporting arenas.

We believe safety is the highest priority.

While we are constantly striving to ensure all our Players are having the time of their lives, we will not compromise their safety. Your Coach will be on call 24/7 during the tour making sure all Players are safe and enjoying their experience. Your Coach will have Emergency Services contact details for each city and knowledge of each city visited.

We believe in empowering our players.

As much as we would LOVE to see our Players return year after year, we also love giving people a sense of confidence and empowerment. We design tours to give our Players the tools required to return to the selected cities, by knowing their way around and feeling confident about navigating and exploring further, whether it’s the New York Subway system or walking down Los Angeles Rodeo Drive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's included in the price of an ESCORTED SPORTS TOUR?

A: Escorted Sports Tours provides all your accommodation, city to city transportation, set tours and game tickets for the duration of the tour. For example, if part of the tour takes you from Seattle to San Francisco, included in your tour is the accommodation, game ticket and tours in Seattle, transport from Seattle to San Francisco and your accommodation, tours and game ticket in San Francisco.

Q: What's NOT included in the price of an ESCORTED SPORTS TOUR?

A: Lets start from the very beginning of your American Holiday. We do not include airfares from Australia to the tour start city in the United States. We do not include transfers or any accommodation that is required before or after your tour. Once on the tour, we will give you the option to see additional concerts, sporting events, theatre shows and tours. These are above and beyond the already included city tours, sporting events transport provided.

Having said all that, we are excited to help you book in these additional extras and very willing to assist with any questions you may have.


A: Our tours provide the same city highlights (subject to availability / weather etc) for each tour. Slapshot tours however are aimed towards the National Hockey League (NHL) fans. Slapshot Tours cater for Ice Hockey lovers and our events and activites aim to please these fans.


A: For the Major League Baseball (MLB) fans, this one is for you. Ever wanted to wear Mickey Mantle's Glove, or hold Babe Ruth's bat? We take you behind the scenes of some amazing ball parks and experience live games where the atmosphere alone is worth the trip. 


A: This ones for the National Basketball Association (NBA) fans. Whether you want to watch the Lakers in Staples Centre, The Knicks at The Garden or Miami Heat in AmericanAirlines Arena, these tours are for you! Disney or Everglades by day, Lakers or Knicks by night. 


A: For the American football fans, we have the game tickets and city tours all arranged for you. If you enjoy watching the National Football League (NFL), there is only one thing better than watching it in HD surround sound on a plasma screen, and thats being at the game! Join us for a once in a lifetime experience.


Q: Why is Travel Insurance compulsory?

A: Escorted Sports Tours believes that above all, your safety is the highest priority. Travel Insurance does not replace your need to act safely, with care and responsibly, but it is a safety net for you when things go wrong. Escorted Sports Tours recommends speaking with travel professionals to find coverage that suits your age, destination and duration away from home. For a quote or advice, contact Nick and the team at Our World Travel in East Perth.

Q: Will we have spare time in each city? There are things I want to see that aren't in the tour.

A: Yes, Escorted Sports Tours dedicates ample time for you to explore each city in your own way. During this time, your Coach is still available to give guidance, advise and direction towards anything from restaurants, events, landmarks, night clubs, transport use, banks, shopping and more. We will also provide options during the spare time, which you can take part in, or your welcome to go your own way and explore at your leisure. Whatever your choice, we are there to make the experience a once in a lifetime!

Q: Can I see other events in each city that are not included in the tour?

A: Yes, Escorted Sports Tours will provide you with lots of other options to attend an array of events. If you want to see Matilda on Broadway, Justin Bieber in Miami or Soccer in Los Angeles, we will provide you with ample options to fill your spare time if you don't feel like resting. If there is something you want to see we have not advertised, please let us know and we will do all we can to get you tickets, get you to the event and have the time of your life. If your on a Slamdunk Tour and you want to see some Ice Hockey or Gridiron, we can make that happen too.

Q: Why are there no meals included with Escorted Sports Tours?

A: In our experience, one of the highlights of being on holidays is experiencing the small cafes and restaurants with great food and really diving into the culture of the city and country you're in. Just being a local! We also noticed that when breakfast is included on a tour, it's some dry toast which was made before you left Australia, with cereal we don't really like, served while you would rather be asleep. Let us point you in the right direction for some good local food, while you don't have to pay for breakfasts you don't eat.

Q: Do I have to participate in all the activities on an Escorted Sports Tour?

A: No, if you would rather not participate in an event, you are welcome to make your own arrangments. Again, we are more than happy to assist you with making arrangements and point out other activities available to you. Unfortunately, no discount or refund will be available for portions of any tour that are not utilised.